Experiential Programmes

 We use action learning through a cycle of thinking, experiencing and reflecting to deliver your desired outcomes. We provide challenging but inclusive programmes using our Commando experience to accelerate personal and team development. These programmes are designed specifically for your needs and usually delivered over 1-5 days either off-site or within the workplace or a blend of both. Support before and after the event to maximise the learning opportunity and deliver lasting change.


Advisory Services

Working collaboratively with you we will gain a detailed understanding of the issues and then design the solution. We will work with you to write strategy and plans to deliver growth and change. We are highly experienced in producing and executing strategy and plans in the most demanding situations.

Executive Coaching

Our coaches are all highly experienced leaders having succeeded in the most challenging leadership roles; they use this experience to support you in setting and achieving your goals. Our coaching can be delivered to support experiential programmes ensuring that the experience has the greatest lasting impact.