Alex co-founded Mission Mindset and focuses on leadership which delivers sustainable change and consistent team success. He has worked across sectors with ASOS, Deloitte, Liberty Global and others globally to deliver improved leadership and team performance through collaborative analysis and training design, action learning, coaching and mentoring.  To do this he draws on over 20 years of rich leadership experience, reflection and study.

Formerly, he was a senior leader in the UK’s Royal Marines Commandos- leaving as a Lieutenant Colonel with 22 years’ experience.  Throughout, he led teams of commandos and other military and civilian personnel to plan and achieve unconventional and sometimes strategic goals, specialising in short notice, challenging operations in VUCA environments worldwide. He led Information Warfare for the Royal Navy’s deployable Task Group, collaborating operationally with other Government Departments and agencies at home and abroad.  Latterly, he commanded the Royal Marines’ leadership school, training c1000 new and experienced commanders per year, overseeing through career leadership development.

Educated at University College London, the Ecole Militaire Paris and University of Bristol, he advocates diversity of thought, fast fail, just culture and remains a dedicated student of leadership, ethics and team performance.

Energetic, adventurous and innovative, he enjoys simplifying complexity, helping leaders motivate and orientate teams better towards common goals and pushing boundaries, including his own.