Leadership and Followership

Leadership has a greater impact on team performance than any other factor. Achieving goals in volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous environments requires expert ethical leadership and followership at every level. At Mission Mindset, we use our extensive experience of leading and training high performing teams to accelerate leadership development, so you can consistently achieve your mission in a dynamic world.

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“The plan is nothing, planning is everything”.  Few managers follow a method for planning. Fewer still ensure their team know it.  At Mission Mindset we espouse a simple but effective collaborative planning method that allows high performing teams to comprehensively break down and address a complex or even wicked problem, utilising all the skills, intellect and experience available. It’s designed such that its outputs align and empower a workforce, deliver resilience against unexpected change and ensures the highest chances of successfully achieving your mission.


An organisation without strategy is like an explorer without a compass.  It may deviate during the journey, but provides a guide that orientates and focuses the organisation efficiently towards a common vision.  Mission Mindset will work with you to analyse your organisation, your competitors, your environment and your mission and help you visualise and deliver a strategy that shapes you to successfully achieve your mission.