Peak Scientific

As a supplier to the analytical instrument industry, Peak Scientific has experienced rapid growth cross all continents. Headquartered near Glasgow, Scotland, the business now has 700 people and has trading entities in 20 countries.

Peak engaged Mission Mindset to help lead and support them in a process of organisational change to prepare them for the next phase of growth. This involved the business conducting a comprehensive review of its organisation, purpose, vision and values, allowing it to embrace change and set a new strategic course.


During our initial understand phase and using a range of team performance analysis tools, Mission Mindset were able to generate insights into Peak’s team performance factors and assess their ability to change.

Using these insights, Mission Mindset designed and delivered a 3-day tailored executive development event in the Scottish Highlands, where we continued to explore team performance.


Using our expertise in leadership, strategy, planning, culture, communications and our action learning cycles, we revealed our insights and the behaviours common to truly excellent teams. Using seminars, workshops and calibrated, stimulating activities and reflection, we explored team strengths and weaknesses and promoted the candour and trust common to any high performing team. This enabled the executive to address its most challenging team issues while building consensus, alignment and enthusiasm for change.


We enabled organisational priorities to be developed and a series of future steps to make the changes which will enable Peak to capitalise on growth potential over the years to come. Most importantly, the executive were catalysed by the event and returned to work with renewed alignment, trust and clarity, more intent than ever to take the business from strength to strength.

Enduring partnership – Developing strategy for global growth.

Using our comprehensive outcome-focussed strategy building process and model, we helped Peak review where they had come from and who they are, to where they want to go and who they want to be cognisant of their future global environments and ecosystems. We reviewed what’s got to be delivered, when, how and by who to a high level of detail, so everyone knows the part they play. We reviewed how to absorb the factors that could blow the strategy off course as well as identification of fresh risks and strategic opportunities and put it all together in a relatable, functional format.

Management support – A bespoke Project Management and Planning Process

Another requirement to enable global growth is a robust, consistent planning and Project Management process. This review would enable critical project analysis, thorough planning, tempo and efficiency. Testing our usual planning method against a real-time Peak project, Peak identified what planning products were required, by who and when. Coupled with examples of their own best practice from within, we assembled a logical, bespoke planning process, usable by any Peak team in the business to tackle projects at speed from simple to the most complex.

“The methodology used by Mission Mindset was truly unique, getting to know the business, it’s goals, status in the market but importantly, its leadership profile enabling a truly bespoke program to be created. Using well-honed Commando principles, Mission Mindset challenged the business to be a catalyst for real change.” 

Jonathan Golby, CEO