GeorgiNa Patterson

Georgina is a highly trained people specialist who constantly refines her
understanding of what makes people tick! She enjoyed a busy 23-year career in the
Royal Navy as a leader and manager. For her last 10 years she supported
individuals, couples and families to make positive changes in their lives using various
counselling skills and therapies. She brings her wealth of experience, high emotional
intelligence and ‘soft skills’ along with academic knowledge gained from a BSc
(Hons) Psychology to bear when working with clients. These skills have been
combined to produce an effective life coach with the ability to adapt to the needs of
those she is supporting.
Alongside working with individuals, Georgina has managed and worked with high
performing teams and organisations. She currently consults and advises on
optimising wellbeing, mental health awareness and care of the workforce. Her
passion for creating positive change has led to various initiatives focused around
wellbeing, including Mental Health First Aid.
With a background in delivering training around highly emotive subjects, she is able
to use her excellent communication to adapt her delivery style to diverse students.