Mission Mindset was asked to assist ASOS in establishing a leadership culture. Working with the ASOS people team Mission Mindset delivered a series of events to define leading at ASOS and then instil these leadership attributes across the organisation. The first of these events was a 3 day residential for the executive team run from Bovey Castle on the edge of Dartmoor. The programme stimulated the group through a series of team activities to understand their own leadership strengths and areas for development, it provided the framework and support for the team to define the ASOS leadership attributes. The experiences were designed to ensure that everyone was challenged but also remained inclusive. Coaching support was provided throughout to ensure that all learning was clearly captured and subsequently actioned to effectively deliver change.  

“Mission Mindset has provided us with a series of truly exceptional leadership events and support to our long term planning. The journey of self and organisational awareness and development has been transformational, helping to change our mindset to deliver the future success of ASOS.” Nick Beighton – CEO ASOS